Miss Oke's Class


 Miss Oke's 3rd Grade Class: Northview Elementary School


Miss Oke's class is made up of 24 fantastic students! We love visitors and encourage community members to interact with us. Here is our weekly special schedule in case you would like to visit us. Please come when we are not in a special so you can actually see us! Thank you so much for all the support!


 Music 11:20-12:05

 Gym 1:00-1:45
 Art 9:35-10:20
 Gym 1:00-1:45
 Library 9:00-9:30


 Student of the Week
                                                                                      Word of the Week

 Joseph Winters

 Joseph was caught letting Destiny get a drink at the drinking fountain before he did. Great job Joseph!

Northview Elementary School


725 N. H St.

Gas City, IN 46933


Phone: (765) 677-4400

 Magnanimous: courageously noble in heart and mind; having or showing generostiy, often in the context of being forgiving

 The magnanimous King Leo forgave the cook for forgetting to serve his new guest some milk.